Sunday, September 16, 2012

Distribution of Donations

Now the ride is over it is great to know how the bikes we have donated will be used. Here is the information provided by the Broome Rotary Club and in a very inspiring speech by Graham from the Broome club.

# Bikes
Kununurra Rotary
Projects to support local youth including Rotary student exchange programs, Youth attendance at Perth Science Forum, and Rotary Youth Enrichment Program
Mosman Park Rotary
Men’s Shed (in return for support of Postie Bike Challenge)
Broome PCYC
Learning Centre for problem kids
Riding in the Right Direction Project (PCYC) + other
KTI Mechanical
Mechanical skills training
East Timor
Ref Rotary Club of Ascot

#Bikes (value)
Broome 1st Scouts Group
Camping & other equipment purchases
Broome Bushrangers
Equipment purchases for special needs children
New Hope India Leprosy Trust
“Love Bundles” for leprosy victims in India
Royal Flying Doctor Service
Chellonia Wildlife Refuge
Children’s Special Needs Workshop
After-school care service for special needs children
Germanus Kent
Wheelchairs for Bran Nue Day
Nursing Home
Pandanus Aboriginal Community
Children’s playground development fundraiser.
Camp Opportunity
Send disabled person and buddy to Camp Opportunity Jan 2013
Speech Pathology Services
Visiting pathologist service for kids with speech problems.

Bikes to be painted up by KTI art students and auctioned at Gala Event (Nov)
Marnja Jarndu Domestic Violence Service
Men’s Outreach Service
St John Ambulance

Friday, September 14, 2012

Relaxing in Broome

It was a great relief to drop our bags in our air conditioned room after the dry, hot drive up the highway from 80 Mile Beach. It has been in the high 30's with yesterday 39 degrees!

It is amazing where the red dust gets you have probably seen in our pictures, it has taken a few days for the shower towel to stop turning red.

We have been taking it easy just hanging out with some of our riding mates enjoying the scenery and the local restaurants. Most of the team have left now and we fly out tomorrow.
Breakfast at Town Beach (Photo courtesy of Gabbie) 
This morning we booked a kayaking tour to checkout the local sealife, the ocean is an amazing colour.
Bobbing around Gantheaume Point

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 9 - 80 Mile Beach to Broome

This morning started without breakfast and a 10km dash in the sand, rumor has it there were 2 fallers, followed by 45km on the highway to the Sandfire roadhouse for the awesome truckies breakfast. It was good.
On the Highway
It was hot on the highway and the remaining 330km were very hard work.

Karen at the Rally Point
We stopped at a roadhouse about 30km out of Broome to rally together before moving off in convoy into town for a welcome by the Broome Rotary Club, friends and relatives.

The Finish
Getting off for the last time

Team Photo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 8 - Karratha to 80 Mile Beach

Today was a marathon 500km ride along the Great Northern Highway taking around 8 hours with strong headwinds most of the morning.

Caravan Park at 80 Mile Beach
This culminated in 10km of sand track to the 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park which was not what was wanted after 8 hours of riding but the view was spectacular.

Paddling in the Indian Ocean
Sunset at 80 Mile Beach

Tomorrow is the final leg in to Broome

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 7 - Tom Price to Karratha (Dakar day)

Every morning Dan the organiser gives a briefing on the days route, refuelling stops and points of special interest. This morning Dan informed us that the route is "the challenge in the Postiebike challenge".

For those interested in off road racing today would be a Dakar day. There would be a 20km bitumen transport section followed by a 260km special (dirt and gravel) stage with a refuel at 220km with a final  100km transport section to take us into the bivouac at Karratha making a total of 380km for the day.

Riding on loose surfaces requires you to ride as fast as you dare at a speed that would be painful if you fell off. Once you have started it is very difficult to stop as getting going again is fraught with danger, this means you have to ride until you need to refuel which for the postiebike is 100km or about 1.5 hours.

220km refuel - checkout the road surface
Riding flat out (65-70km/h) requires you to concentrate on the road ahead looking for the best path available which is exhausting!!!

Made it to the bitumen
Once we had arrived at our campsite someone thought it would be a great idea if we rode another 40km to see the Red Dog memorial in Dampier, which surprisingly we did.

Red Dog

Tomorrow is a transport section of 500km on the bitumen, child's play compared to today.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 6 - Newman to Tom Price

Last night the Lions Club of Newman looked after us at the Newman Rodeo Ground, we left early to do a side trip to the gorges in the Karajini National Park.

Breakfast at the Rodeo Ground
Today was tough going not so much about the riding but we had no sleep as our tent neighbour had a very irritating and earplug piercing snore.

Falls at Dales Gorge
The riding took us through some spectacular countryside to our stop at the town of Tom Price. More photos to follow..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 5 - Meekatharra to Newman

Today was a 431km ride on the Great Northern Highway to our next stop Newman. It was a challenging day as a CT110 Honda does about 85km/h flat out and a road train does 110km/h and there are a lot of them on this road.
Karen's Postie
An oncoming road train leaves a wind blast that is like hitting a wall and instantly drops 5km/h off your speed.

Whereas one passing you will suck you along adding about 15km/h to what ever speed you are traveling at but you run the risk of the last of 3 or 4 trailers swiping you off the road as it swings from side to side.

Making friends with a road train
We arrived safely and as it turns out we actually managed to overtake a road train which is a story for another post as I am having trouble with the internet connection out here at the rodeo ground where we are camping.

 BTW Gabby says hi to her daughter and all her friends and will post a photo later.